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Hi there. I'm Meg. I used to be around here a lot under my old username... which I've forgotten. Oops!

I love A Song of Ice and Fire, and use to blog about it a lot between here and tumblr. However, I found myself focusing more on shipping than on theories and discussion of the text. I also found myself becoming, for lack of a better term, an asshole. I got caught up in gross shipping wars, and also was really rude to people who really liked the show. Looking back, I think I was out to ruin the enjoyment of people who liked the show because I didn't like it. (I've since been on the receiving end of such behavior in another fandom, and it's so disgusting and hurtful.) So, I reevaluated. I stepped back from the fandom, cut a few ties, left LJ, cut a few more ties, started blogging about other things that I was watching and reading.

I decided to re-read Game of Thrones last week when my coworker plopped herself in my office to discuss theories (she just started Dance with Dragons). I got that itch to read it all again. So now I'm back on LJ and part of what I'm sure will be a wonderful comm for discussing the text. So thank you Liz for inviting me and I look forward to the discussions!!

Oh and if you want, you can find me on tumblr. (It's mostly Supernatural, Psych, and X-Files)


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